February 15, 2016

Labor 2016 Slate

NC State AFL-CIO: Labor 2016
Recommended candidates for March 15th Primary
U.S. Senate: Deborah Ross
Governor: Roy Cooper
Lt. Governor: Linda Coleman
Labor Commissioner: Charles Meeker
Attorney General: Josh Stein
State Treasurer: Dan Blue III
Superintendent: June Atkinson
Eastern NC CLC (Havelock, New Bern area)
NC House
NC 9: Brian Farkas
Eastern Piedmont CLC (Roanoke Rapids area)
NC House
HD 24: Jean Farmer-Butterfield
HD 27: Michael H. Wray
HD 32: Terry Garrison
NC Senate
SD: 4: Angela R. Bryant
Greater Sandhills CLC (Fayetteville area)
NC House
HD 22: Ben Snyder
Southeastern NC CLC (Wilmington area)
New Hanover Co.
Schools: Sandra Leigh
Schools: Chris Meek
Schools: James Jamison, Jr.
Southern Piedmont CLC (Charlotte area)
US House
CD 12: Alma Adams
NC House
HD 82: Earle Schecter
HD 100: John Autry
HD 101: Beverly Miller Earle
HD 103: Rochelle Rivas
HD 107: Kelly Alexander
NC Senate
SD 36: Robert Brown
SD 38: Joel Ford
SD 40: Nasif Majeed
Mecklenburg Co.
Commission At-Large: Ella Scarborough
Commission At-Large: Patricia (Pat) Cotham
Commission At-Large: Trevor M. Fuller
Commission Dist. 2: Lula Dualeh
Court Dist. 26 (Brown-Williams seat): Faith Fickling
Court Dist. 26 (Mann seat): Christy T. Mann
Cabarrus Co.
Education: Keisha Villatoro
Triangle Labor Council (Raleigh, Durham area)
NC House
HD 33: Rosa Gill
HD 36: Jennifer Ferrell
NC Senate
SD 16: Jay Chaudhuri
Wake Co.
Commission At-Large: Lindy M. Brown
Triad CLC (Greensboro, Winston-Salem area)

US House
CD 12: Alma Adams
NC House
HD 58: Ralph C. Johnson
Rockingham Co.
Register of Deeds: Amy Lee Simpson
Guilford Co.
Commission Dist. 4: Kirk Perkins
Commission Dist. 6: Rick Forrester
Education Dist. 1: Dianne Bellamy-Small
Education Dist. 2: Anita Sharpe
Education Dist. 6: Khem Denise Irby
Education Dist. 8: Deena Hayes
Education At-Large: Alan Duncan
Court (Sherrill Seat): Lora Christine Cubbage
Western NC CLC (Asheville area)
NC House
HD 118: Reese Steen
Buncombe Co.
Commission Dist. 1: Gordon Smith
Commission Dist. 2: Larry Dodson

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