Protect Voting Rights

Older Americans take voting seriously. We must make it easier to vote, not more difficult.

Tell Congress to Strengthen Medicare and Lower Drug Prices

Even with Medicare, seniors can wind up paying $5,000 for medical care. It's time for Congress to take action by requiring Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. Sign our petition to help make it happen.
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North Carolina Alliance for Retired Americans
North Carolina Alliance for Retired AmericansMonday, May 3rd, 2021 at 7:14pm
May is Older Americans Month and each week the Alliance is asking its members to take action on issues affecting Older Americans. For the first week we stand in strong opposition to the TRUST Act.

"Retirees have earned their Social Security and Medicare benefits over a lifetime of work.
The benefits ensure older Americans receive the health care they need, and they provide
necessary income for more than 60 million Americans. These benefits are critical and
they should not be cut.
We ask all Senators and members of Congress to reject the TRUST Act and any future
bills or amendments that aim to make dangerous changes or cuts to these essential
earned benefits."

Find your Representative's information here and tell them to say no to TRUST Act!