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KHN: As Drug Prices Keep Rising, State Lawmakers Propose Tough New Bills to Curb Them

Fed up with a lack of federal action to lower prescription drug costs, state legislators around the country are pushing bills to penalize drugmakers for unjustified price hikes and to cap payment at much-lower Canadian levels. These bills, sponsored by both Republicans and Dem... Read more

KHN: When Your Chance for a Covid Shot Comes, Don’t Worry About the Numbers

By Arthur Allen and Liz Szabo When getting vaccinated against covid-19, there’s no sense being picky. You should take the first authorized vaccine that’s offered, experts say. The newest covid vaccine on the horizon, from Johnson & Johnson, is probably a little l... Read more

KHN Poll: Nearly Half of American Adults Now Want the Covid Vaccine — ASAP

By Phil Galewitz                   Americans’ reluctance to get vaccinated for covid-19 is waning, according to a poll released Wednesday. Nearly half of adults surveyed in January said they have... Read more

KHN: Seniors Face Crushing Drug Costs as Congress Stalls on Capping Medicare Out-Of-Pockets

Sharon Clark is able to get her life-sustaining cancer drug, Pomalyst — priced at more than $18,000 for a 28-day supply — only because of the generosity of patient assistance foundations. Clark, 57, a former insurance agent who lives in Bixby, Oklahoma, had to stop working... Read more

KHN: Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Programs Struggle To Reach Vulnerable Seniors Living At Home

By Judith Graham Close down group meals for seniors. Cancel social gatherings. The directive, from the Illinois Department on Aging, sent shock waves through senior service organizations late last week. Overnight, Area Agencies on Aging had to figure out how to help peo... Read more

KHN – Analysis: As Seniors Get Sicker, They’re More Likely To Drop Medicare Advantage Plans

By Fred Schulte Kaiser Health News is a national health policy news service that is part of the nonpartisan Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. When Sol Shipotow enrolled in a new Medicare Advantage health plan earlier this year, he expected to keep the doctor who treats hi... Read more